Justice in the Hindu state THIS (Theocratic Hindu Indian State)


The hanging of Yakub Memon, a Muslim raises some moral and ethical questions regarding the so called secular state which in its constitution (Article 14) professes that all citizens are equal. Memon and others including a Hindu actor Sunjay Dutt were charged under the draconian law- TADA for the serial blasts in 1993. The TADA court judge exonerated the Hindu Sunjay Dutt of charges under TADA and he was made to face a trial under the IPC and was let off with a mild sentence.

Memon made a last moment mercy appeal to the President of THIS Mr. Pranab Mukerjee who immediately summoned Rajnath Singh the Union Home Minister and the Union Home Secretary. After a brief consultation President Mukerjee rejected the mercy plea. If there is equality under article 14 then Mr. Mukerjee should have also called and consulted with the defence team of Memon and taken its opinion. All the constitutional provisions were bye passed by the President and the decks cleared for the most barbaric act.

Secondly, the serial blasts of 1993 took place in retaliation to Mr. LK Advani’s Rath Yatra across the country in 1992 which concluded in the destruction of the Islamic Babri Masjid. This very act has led Muslim’s all over the world to react to this uncalled for destruction of a holy symbol. Memon has been hanged but LK Avani lives in luxurious splendour in Delhi protected day and night by Black Cat Commandos.

Besides all this, Prime Minister Narinder Modi as Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2002 had over 2000 Muslim’s massacred in cold blood, their women raped and video-graphed. In 2013 Mr. Modi again as Chief Minister of Gujarat had 60,000 Sikh farmers dispossessed of their legitimate agricultural lands in which he wants to settle Hindu industrialists and businessmen. It is ethnic cleansing of the Sikh’s which has changed the demography. Now he is the Prime Minister of the Hindu state. There are Western democracies who say they believe in human rights but USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan etc have given him visas to travel to their respective countries. Let us see whether Islamic Pakistan which says it is a democracy and values human rights will give him a visa? The question is that are the minorities the Sikh’s, the Muslim’s, the Christian’s the Dalit’s, the tribals safe in THIS? I leave it to you decide.


Simranjit Singh Mann

President Akali Dal Amritsar

3 August 2015





Disclaimer:  The opinions expressed within this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts and the opinions appearing in this article do not reflect the views of SADA Times  and SADA Times does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same            


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